My name is Moon Stumpp...I make stuff, lots of stuff. In other words, I'm a mixed media artist. My other focus is digital, which seems to be taking over much of my creative energies.  I love photo manipulations, photo collage, art photography, and digital mixed media...but I doubt I can give up a paint brush.

I create the places and things from my imagination with dashes of humor. My work ranges from still life to abstract to whimsical but my passion is mixed media infused with color. Lately, I've been pulled more towards the whimsical and I don't want to leave.


My painted works are a co-existence of acrylic, watercolor, molding compounds, metallic and iridescent mediums, pastels, inks, printmaking, and various collage aspects that have been infused with fun, sometimes emotion. The subject matter comes from a direct spontaneous poof of imagination that is a journey of color, shape, and energy.

If you have questions about the process or my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

My website is still under construction...I'll be in adding mode for the next couple of weeks.

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